Dr. Rifaat Salem has extensive experience in the medical field and has helped hundreds of patients with fertility issues throughout his career. A graduate of the University of Southern California Medical School, Dr. Salem went on to obtain his doctorate in Neuroendocrinology from the University of California at Los Angeles. Since his time in school, he has continued to perform groundbreaking research and publish numerous scientific articles in the field of infertility. His findings have been vital in advancing the understandings of and treatment of infertility in the medical and scientific communities.


While his research has been revolutionary, some of Dr. Salem’s most important work, has been in his treatment of hundreds of couples in their struggles through infertility. Dr. Salem gained strong clinical experience in both infertility and microsurgery at the University of British Columbia as well as The Microsurgical Institute of San Francisco, and he uses that knowledge to assist couples through the IVF process, as well as other necessary procedures. He is currently the medical director and chairman of the Pacific Reproductive Center, and continues to use his expertise and experience in helping all couples with their fertility goals, regardless of their ethnicity, religious views, or sexual orientation.